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Welcome to Circle Chiropractic Center, PC 

Proudly serving Fairfax and the surrounding areas since 1981!

 Please watch this short video about our office!

Dr. Christopher Frey - Your Fairfax Chiropractor

dr.frey.jpgSince 1981, Dr. Christopher Frey has served patients from his office in central Fairfax. Dr. Frey and staff are committed to providing the latest chiropractic treatment techniques while offering optimal care and wellness services to patients in Fairfax, Vienna, Oakton, Reston and the entire Northern Virginia and Washington DC metropolitan area. With his considerable experience as a chiropractor and his dedication to continuing education, Dr. Frey uses a combination of chiropractic adjustments, corrective exercises, lifestyle changes, and nutritional advice to help patients achieve optimum recovery. Circle Chiropractic Center offers a range of treatments, including Spinal Decompression Therapy and laser therapy.

A Chiropractor Who Truly Cares for Your Well-Being

Over the many years of his career, Dr. Frey has built a reputation as a chiropractor who genuinely cares for his patients' health and wellness. For many patients, Dr. Frey has been a trusted family chiropractor, providing continuity of treatment for multiple generations. Patients of all ages can benefit from Dr. Frey's chiropractic care, from infants and children to the elderly.

Dr. Frey applies the most up-to-date teachings and principles of chiropractic to caring for his patients. Here at Circle Chiropractic Center, we believe that, by practicing the principles of chiropractic, all patients can achieve a better state of health. Our wellness services are not just limited to chiropractic adjustments; we offer a broad range of complementary wellness services, including massage, acupuncture, rehabilitative exercise, and therapeutic treatments.

We are especially proud that we can now offer our patients Spinal Decompression Therapy, a leading non-invasive, non-surgical, and drug-free treatment for pain in the back and neck. This FDA-approved therapy gently stretches the spine, to heal bulging and herniated discs by relieving pressure and stimulating the flow of nutrients into the injured tissue. Spinal Decompression Therapy is great for prolapsed and herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, chronic neck and lumbar pain, sciatica, and failed spinal surgeries. 

Laser therapy is another new therapy we are pleased to offer. Laser therapy has been used in Asia and Europe since the 1970s, and was approved for use in the U.S. in 2002. It is great for back and knee pain, bursitis, arthritis, tendonitis, shin splints, neuropathy, and more. Laser therapy boosts blood flow, helps with lymphatic drainage, strengthens tissues, and speeds healing.

Other services we offer here at Circle Chiropractic Center include:

  • Acupuncture and massage
  • Spinal and postural screenings
  • Interferential electrical muscle stimulation
  • Individualized nutritional programs
  • Lifestyle and exercise advice
  • Corrective exercise programs tailored to patients' needs

Dr. Frey is well-trained in a variety of chiropractic adjustment techniques, including the Thompson technique, the Gonstead technique, the cranial technique, and the sacro-occipital technique. These are some of the most advanced chiropractic adjustment techniques and they allow chiropractors like Dr. Frey to provide the safest, most comfortable, and most effective chiropractic treatment. 

If you are looking for a chiropractor in Fairfax, look no further. Call 703-385-2990 to make an appointment with Dr. Frey now.