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Posted on 04-17-2017

What Is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese healing practice that uses very thin needles inserted at specific points of the body to relieve pain and improve physical function. It has been employed for thousands of years to treat a variety of conditions. The principle behind acupuncture is that disease occurs when the energy that normally flows through the human body becomes blocked. The needles inserted into pathways within the body helps to unblock this energy.  Modern scientific research suggests that acupuncture works by stimulating nerves, which sends messages to the brain to release certain hormones that reduce pain and increase a feeling of well-being. Western medicine now accepts acupuncture as an effective adjunct treatment for many health problems.

Acupuncture in Fairfax

How Acupuncture Is Performed

The patient lies down on a comfortable examination table. The acupuncturist then inserts thin, sterilized needles into specific points on the body that are known to be related to the condition that is to be treated. The insertion is painless, though the patient may feel a slight pinching sensation. The needles remain in place for a period of time, during which the patient lies quietly, often listening to soothing music. The needles are then removed, the insertion point is disinfected and the patient then resumes their normal activities.

Conditions That Can Be Treated With Acupuncture

Studies show that acupuncture can be effective in reducing chronic pain from osteoarthritis, low back pain, knee pain, and headache. In addition, acupuncture also appears to be helpful in treating nausea and vomiting associated with cancer treatment.  Studies are also investigating whether acupuncture can be used to treat depression, anxiety, addiction and other conditions.

Let Circle Chiropractic Center Be Your Fairfax Acupuncturist

Dr. Christopher Frey and the staff at Circle Chiropractic Center take pride in offering superior care to the residents of Fairfax and surrounding communities. We offer a wide range of services, including spinal manipulation, spinal decompression therapy, acupuncture, massage, laser therapy and rehabilitation therapy. We treat a variety of conditions, such as back pain, neck pain, subluxation, sciatica, headaches, fibromyalgia and other problems. Call Circle Chiropractic Center today at 703-385-2990 for an appointment to learn how acupuncture can help you.


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